July 2014

Summer Camp

By Angel Ramos

This year at Camp Hi-Sierra…

On the first day Troop 394 arrived, it rained for most of the day. Most of us were thinking it was Mother Nature welcoming us to camp. We all had to stay in the dining hall crammed-in and make the best use of ourselves. This year they had incorporated a talent show for different troops, so for our talent Greg screamed a song while Jeffrey juggled apples. On the sides, Matt and Eric held up Liam and Brendan on their shoulders, pretending to box, and the rest of us were in the back flexing our arms and dancing. Another new merit badge was offered this year: the Music Merit Badge. For all scouts that had the music merit badge; they were required to play songs at the Cantina Music night on Wednesday. The Camp Fire Bowl was especially fun because everybody performed and happiness spread like wildfire. It was most memorable to our troop because we ended up winning first place in the Camp Wide Games. From songs to skits to playing softball, no matter where we were in camp…we all had a great time.


Bruce Lee

Boy Scout Troop 394 was founded in 1993 and is located in Santa Clara, California. Our chartered organization is the Santa Clara Elks Lodge #2347.

We meet every Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:30PM at the Elks Lodge located at 1680 Martin Avenue. Troop 394 is a member of Pioneer District, Santa Clara County Council. To visit one of our meetings or get more information about the Troop, please contact Scoutmaster Bruce Lee by emailing him at 1littledragon@comcast.net. You can also call him at (408) - 307- 3383.

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Upcoming Events & Meeting Activities

Upcoming Events Meeting Activities
4/2/13 – Regular Troop Meeting 4/16/13 - Regular Troop Meeting
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Troop Blog

Memorial Park-November 2012

This November, our troop outing was a campout to Memorial Park. At Memorial, it was raining all day and night so we played games under our rain protector. Once it dried up, the 5 scouts went on a little walk to the creek but when they came back, it started to rain again. We used the Dutch oven to cook our meals which were beef stew, pizza and mountain man breakfast. This was a very fun campout and everyone had a blast.

2013/01/01 12:12 · Joe Huber

Webelos Campout-November 2012

On the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, the troop served a webelo campout to help recruit more people into our troop. We had about 13 kids at our campout. We set up 5 stations that the kids went to, the stations were first aid, leave no trace, fusing and whipping, flag ceremony and fire m’ chit. At the end of the day, we retired 3 flags and made smores. This activity was really fun for the scouts and the future scouts.

2013/01/01 12:11 · Joe Huber

Grant Ranch-October 2012

On the weekend of October 20th and 21st, our troop went to Grant Ranch. We left the Elk’s Lodge at 8:00 in the morning. Scouts had a choice to either to ride their bikes or help the younger scouts with advancement. The people on the bikes went up to Grant Lake. The people working on advancement went on a hike and saw a baby rattlesnake. This was a very fun activity.

2013/01/01 12:10 · Joe Huber

August 2012 - Troop Picnic

On August 19th, our troop had our annual picnic. Webelos from different packs came to see what our troop is about and how fun it is. We had a water-slide that every kid went on and had a blast. The food was amazing and the weather was too. At the picnic, everyone enjoyed their time.

2012/09/27 07:46 · Thomas Huber

March 2012 Annual Ski Trip

Ski Trip – March 2012

By Dylan Newman

On Saturday March 24th at about 5:00 A.M we headed off to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. After driving about 4 hours we got there we all split off into small groups with buddies. Some played in the snow and some people just went and hit the slopes with their Ski’s or Snowboard. Lots of people had a blast. After all the fun in the snow, we drove to the Veterans Hall in Old Town Truckee. Some people played Settler’s of Catan while other’s sat on their sleeping bags or went outside to do a snowball fight. Dinner was a spaghetti feed and then after a good night’s sleep we left to go home. Everyone had a Great Time!

2012/04/26 22:00 · Gurpal Virdi

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