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Boy Scout Troop 394 was founded in 1993 and is located in Santa Clara, California. Our chartered organization is the Santa Clara Elks Lodge #2347.

We meet every Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:30PM at the Elks Lodge located at 1680 Martin Avenue. Troop 394 is a member of Pioneer District, Santa Clara County Council. To visit one of our meetings or get more information about the Troop, please contact Scoutmaster Bruce Lee by emailing him at 1littledragon@comcast.net. You can also call him at (408) - 307- 3383.

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Upcoming Events & Meeting Activities

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4/2/13 – Regular Troop Meeting 4/16/13 - Regular Troop Meeting
4/9/13 - Regular Troop Meeting 4/23/13 - Regular Troop Meeting
4/30/13 - Regular Troop Meeting
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Troop Blog

December 2014 - 20 Mile Hike along Bay Trail

By Abhishek Dighe

On December 29, 2014, David, Tom, Terrain, Connor, Abhishek, Vikram, Eric, Abhinav, and the returning Rehan embarked on a journey starting from Lucy Evan's Baylands Nature Park at 7 o'clock a.m. going towards Moffet Field past the Sunnyvale Waste Water Treatment Plant ending up at 14 mile mark at the Alviso Marina to drop some scouts off. The next route was closed off by construction, so David made some quick changes so we followed the Guadalupe Trail to finish the last 6 miles at around 3 o'clock p.m. The experience wasn't that tiring, but just painful on our legs. We started strong at the beginning, being about an hour ahead of schedule, but as we walked on, the group spread apart from each other. Tom lead the group while David was very helpful in the back to encourage the slower scouts to keep up a good pace. Even though we slowed down near the end, we finished the hike in about 8 hours, stopping rarely for short breaks. The hike left us limping to our homes with our soles worn out, but it was one worth doing both for the experience and for the hiking merit badge requirement.

2015/01/04 12:53 · Matt Ganschow

November 2014 – Backpacking at Castle Rock State Park

By Jeremy Hovey and David Hovey On Saturday November 15th, my son Jeremy and I embarked on a five mile backpacking trip through Castle Rock State Park located in the Saratoga Foothills. The trip included an overnight stay on a hilltop campsite and consuming two ready to eat meals (dinner and breakfast) prepared using only lightweight propane stoves to boil water. The weather was perfect for a hike except on Sunday morning when high winds whipped through our campsite and almost blew over our tents. Potable water and a housed toilet pit were available at our campsite.

The highlights for Jeremy included: climbing over steep rocks, getting photographed by Rafael, sleeping in a tent, cooking a delicious soup for dinner, and spending free time throwing a football with Greg and Dad.

The highlights for me were witnessing Jeremy engaged in something extremely challenging that required both problem solving skills and independent effort. It was a pure joy watching other boys look out for Jeremy and assisting him when he needed help. Most importantly, this trip represented an opportunity for others to witness what Jeremy is capable of doing despite his disability. All of the adult leaders on the trip commented how proud they were of Jeremy and how he bravely conquered the trail. Nobody on the trip was prouder, however, than his Dad.

Both Jeremy and I cannot wait for the next backpacking trip.

2014/12/13 23:47 · Matt Ganschow

Grant Ranch Outing October 2014

By Vikram Peddinti

On Saturday, Troop 394 and Pack 54 went on the annual Grant Ranch campout. It started raining on the way to Grant Ranch. The scouts quickly set up the shades over the tables and unloaded the trucks. Many of the scouts started putting up their tents while it rained. Once everyone had set up their tents and put their bags inside, about half the 15 scouts went on the hike. Luckily it had stopped raining. During the hike the scouts saw 3 rattlesnakes! The rest of the scouts at the campsite were playing frisbee and exploring the area. Once the hikers came back from the 5 mile hike, about 10 scouts went biking. They biked about 10 miles. The scouts that went biking showed up in groups of 2 or 3 because some were lagging behind. After about an hour or so many of the scouts made their dinner. Some scouts ate tortellini with soup and others ate hot dogs. After eating the scouts, played a bit till dark. A few scouts set up a fire to warm up and make smores. Slowly everyone went to their tents to sleep. Once everyone woke up, they made breakfast and cleaned up. They took down the tents and put all the things inside the trucks. The bikes went into the trailer and everyone got into their cars to leave. In the end, we had a fun time, and I would recommend going on the campout to anyone who hasn’t gone.

2014/11/10 15:45 · Matt Ganschow

September 2014 Wilderness Survival Campout

By William Gardner

On Saturday, Troop 394 left on the annual wilderness survival camp out at Camp Chesebrough. With their backpacks loaded with trail mix and space blankets, they ran off into the forest searching for a place to set up their shelter. After a good ten minutes of searching, the groups had finally settled down. Some people decided to build a lean-to out of space blankets while others tied rope between trees and laid tarps on top. Once the shelters were up, one collection of friends decided to start digging. What willed them to do so is yet to be known. Anyhow, they persisted and eventually came across a large rock buried in the ground. After discussing what to do, they attempted to pull it out with their hands, but to no avail. Eventually, one well prepared scout pulled out a rope and looped it around the rock, still in the hole, and pulled. Slowly, the rock rolled up the side of the pit and onto the ground revealing a gaping void was revealed. Now that the scouts had made a rather large crater, however were still unsure what to do with it. Eventually, someone pulled out a piece of wood and lent it over the hole like a table, and thus the pit was completed. Soon to follow, each group was tested on their first aid and fire lighting skill. Some teams used firelighters and flint, others used torn up paper. Afterwards, each group got told what they did well and what they did not so well. Later that day, a fire was lit and some scouts cooked a potato and carrot stew in a bucket full of water on the fire. Other scouts decided not to cook, so they sat around with their feet in the hole, eating whatever snack food was left over. Eventually, when the food supply was exhausted, somebody organized a game of infection. This game of sneaking through the woods in the dark lasted for about half an hour until finally they decided to go to sleep in their shelters. The next morning, everyone woke up early and sat around the fire. Once everyone was up, the adult leaders cooked a delicious mountain man breakfast in four, large dutch ovens. With everyone satisfied, it was time to take down the shelters and head for home. Overall, the wilderness survival trip was great fun and I would urge anyone who hasn’t been, to come along next year.

2014/10/03 07:07 · Joe Huber

July 2014 Summer Camp

Summer Camp

By Angel Ramos

This year at Camp Hi-Sierra…

On the first day Troop 394 arrived, it rained for most of the day. Most of us were thinking it was Mother Nature welcoming us to camp. We all had to stay in the dining hall crammed-in and make the best use of ourselves. This year they had incorporated a talent show for different troops, so for our talent Greg screamed a song while Jeffrey juggled apples. On the sides, Matt and Eric held up Liam and Brendan on their shoulders, pretending to box, and the rest of us were in the back flexing our arms and dancing. Another new merit badge was offered this year: the Music Merit Badge. For all scouts that had the music merit badge; they were required to play songs at the Cantina Music night on Wednesday. The Camp Fire Bowl was especially fun because everybody performed and happiness spread like wildfire. It was most memorable to our troop because we ended up winning first place in the Camp Wide Games. From songs to skits to playing softball, no matter where we were in camp…we all had a great time.

2014/10/03 07:05 · Joe Huber

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