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Boy Scout Troop 394 was founded in 1993 and is located in Santa Clara, California. Our chartered organization is the Santa Clara Elks Lodge #2347.

We meet every Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:30PM at the Elks Lodge located at 1680 Martin Avenue. Troop 394 is a member of Pioneer District, Santa Clara County Council. To visit one of our meetings or get more information about the Troop, please contact Scoutmaster Bruce Lee by emailing him at 1littledragon@comcast.net. You can also call him at (408) - 307- 3383.

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Upcoming Events
June 22-24 Mammoth Lakes Campout
July 22-28 Boy Scout Camp

Troop Blog

2017 August Family Camp

On Saturday, August 26, scouts and their families drove up to Grant Ranch for the annual family campout and hike. The first thing we did was the hike. It was only a five-miler, but in near 100 degree weather, it was a challenge. Many scouts had to share water, and were sweating buckets after a couple of hours. We ate lunch in a shaded creek bed, and continued hiking. The scouts were running out of water, so we decided to go pick up water in some campsites. There were cries of joy as the dusty, sweaty group saw the water spigot. Some of the wise adults who had decided not to join the hike drove to those campsites and picked up some of the more tired scouts. The now very small group continued for less than half an hour before getting to the parking lot. We then drove up to our own campsites and had dinner. There was a large, loud campfire that lasted until quiet time. It seemed like you would be able to hear the scouts, led by Connor Gibb, singing the spongebob squarepants song from miles away. We also got a new member in our troop - Tyrone, a large triangular rock, was picked up by Simon during the hike, and carried to the campsite. The next morning we packed up and left. It was a campout we all would remember.

-Written By Thomas Grose

2017/10/07 21:16 · Webmaster

December Elks Lodge Campout and Game Night

On December 19 and 20th Troop 394 was having their yearly game night campout. At 3:30 they started by doing fireman chit. Many boys got their fire-man chit but Brendan did have some trouble keeping it under control. At dinner everyone ate tons of pizza but suprisingly we still had 23 boxes left over. That night we retired around 10 flags. We had a great fire that lasted until midnight. In late morning everyone left.


2016/01/06 19:45 · Brendan P

2015 October Yosemite Trip

On October 17 and 18, boys from troop 394 were going to experience their wettest campout ever. The troop left early morning and stopped at MC. Donald's for breakfast. At least no one ate too much. On the way there, it was dark and cloudy. Driving trough the areas which had been burned by fires seemed like driving through a dark gloomy forest of witchcraft. The troop got to Yosemite and it was not raining. On the way through the park we got to see a controlled burn! We parked in the parking lot and headed to the trail head. At the trail head it started to pore in rain. The hiking group continued the hike, while the group to explore the valley got on the bus. The explore Yosemite valley group will be called group A, and the hiking group will be called B. So group A, explored the gift shop and museum in Yosemite village. Group B kept hiking to Nevada falls. The everyone ate lunch. Back in Yosemite village, group A enjoyed lunch indoors, while praying the others were O.K. in the thunder, while group B had to eat lunch in a thunderstorm. The group A went to the Yosemite Falls, and it stopped raining. Everyone arrived back at the parking lot around 2:30. At 3:00 we went and got our campsites. Everyone set up their tent and had dinner. Immediately after dinner, Brendan, Robby, and Akul went to bed. The next morning at 1:00 it started raining. It never stopped until 10:00. So many people awoke to floating tents. The whole campsite was flooded. Everyone had fun though even though when they got home everything was muddy. The end . By Brendan P.

2015/12/09 17:38 · Brendan P

2015 Wilderness Survival Campout

On Saturday, September 26th we drove up to Camp Pico Blanco in Carmel for our annual wilderness survival campout. After roughly a 2 hour drive we arrived at our campsites. After unpacking and a quick lunch, everybody got started on their shelters. We constructed our shelters with meager supplies. Sticks, a tarp and a few trash bags. Even without a lot of building materials, many people constructed cool shelters. Riley even made a hammock. After we were done with our shelters we decided to have a fire making contest. Eric and I set up individual fire making stations and made sure the new scouts didn't hurt themselves. Angel won the competition by using his trusty magnifying glass to start a fire. After the fire making competition, some scouts decided to explore the creek next to our campsites. We went all the way upriver until we hit the dam. When we got back to camp we were met by a large campfire that some of the scouts made. Everyone made themselves a “dinner” from their snacks and leftovers from lunch. After about 2 hours of sitting around the campfire and listening to Ryota's stories, most of the scouts decided to head back to their shelters and try to get some sleep. The next morning we packed up, took a group picture and headed home. Overall it was a fun campout.(By: Mihir)

2015/10/11 12:51 · Brendan P

2015 Summer Camp @ Camp High Sierra

July 2015 - Camp Hi-Sierra Summer Camp by Ryota

“May the land burn!!” And, the gunmen open fire at their targets. What sounds like a battleground was actually the free shoot at Camp Hi-Sierra, the wonderful camp for scouts to do rank advancements, merit badges, archery, rifle shooting, and tribe business. Our troop (T394) goes there every July for a week for summer camp. Camp-Hi-Sierra is a memorable experience for scouts and scoutmasters of all ages and rank. We meet new people every year and we get to talk to them. We work hard on merit badges as easy as pulp and paper to those as hard as camping (I have 4 more requirements for that to go!!). It is run by venture scouts (boys and girls that are high schoolers and college students) We arrived at the camp with 28 kids and some scoutmasters and parents on Sunday. We got a warm welcome from the staffers led by Bruce Lee (our scoutmaster not the martial arts person). Of course, we met some people who we have meet before. We meet Zachary and Benji who are in our great troop. Sunday ended with a superb campfire set up by the staffers for us!! We even had a mellodrama.

From Monday to Thursday we worked on merit badges in something that looks like a high school schedules with all of those periods. I had 6 merit badges to work on: cooking, camping, wilderness survival, nature, and weather. I always have made friends by doing classes with people.

When we had free time, there was free shoot for archery and open shoot for rifles. I usually went to free shoot just to shoot some arrows at targets which I like to pretend that they are the 9 Nazgul black riders or blobfishes. I also just like to go there for a talk with a favorite counselor of mine, Jessica.

Every day, we had campfires, too. We always have fire martials — Brendan P 2015/09/28 18:57 and a host. I got to host and take care of the fire once. And it was embarrassing!!! I ended up burning a kind letter to my favorite staffer in front of Jeffrey and some others. Lesson: never let Ryota host a campfire, but let him be the fire martial.

The last full day of camp was what we were all prepared for: campwide games!! We got first the second year in a row!! Troop 394 for the win!! Then, there was the closing campfire where we got to make our own skits and act it out in front of the other troops. Finally, for those ranking up in the tribe of Hi-Sierra, we had a night of silence.

When we had to leave on Saturday, everyone was sad. If only we had a few more days…

And that concludes the adventure we had at camp.

2015/09/28 19:01 · Brendan P

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