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Boy Scout Troop 394 was founded in 1993 and is located in Santa Clara, California. Our chartered organization is the Santa Clara Elks Lodge #2347.

We meet every Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:30PM at the Elks Lodge located at 1680 Martin Avenue. Troop 394 is a member of Pioneer District, Santa Clara County Council. To visit one of our meetings or get more information about the Troop, please contact Scoutmaster Bruce Lee by emailing him at 1littledragon@comcast.net. You can also call him at (408) - 307- 3383.

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January 2019 - Fishing at Del Valle

by Michael

This months camping trip was to Del Valle. The scouts took off early in the morning and got there about mid noon. Then they whipped out their gleaming fishing rods. The adults accompanying them gave them a quick lesson on how to put the line on, then the scouts hit the water. They boarded two flat bottomed boats, then set out to find the best fishing spots. They had a lot of fun, but sadly did not catch any fish. A couple of hours later they got back to shore and drove to their campsites. They spent a while hanging out, then got to cooking. Despite some difficulties and lack of resources, all of the patrols made their meals. Some of the cooking did not work out, but luckily one of our scoutmasters, JP, had made a really good catfish dish along with some other good food, and he was kind enough to share it. The next day, the scouts made breakfast, cleaned up, packed up, and left. Overall, it was a good campout, even though no one caught any fish.

2019/02/01 19:53 · Ethan Hamamatsu

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