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During these difficult times, we haven’t been able to do actual campouts, so our troop decided to do one remotely. On Saturday, April 17, 2020, Troop 394/2394 held a “virtual” campout via Zoom. We each pitched a tent outside or inside or made a tent-like structure inside and slept in it for the night. The event kicked off via Zoom on Saturday afternoon with an introduction at 3 pm, followed by dinner, games, movie, and wrapped up with breakfast on Sunday morning at 9:30 am and Scouts’ Own service at 10 am. Virtual camping was quite a surreal experience, very different from a real campout. Though it was fun, I’m looking forward to the day we can go on a real camping trip as a troop.

By Ethan

2020/07/09 13:43 · Ethan Hamamatsu

December 20, 2008 Troop 394/Pack 54 Hike - Sanborn County Park

We had a nice hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains this past Saturday. The hike started out at the parking area at Skyline and Big Basin Way. We followed the ridge to the Summit Rock trail intersection. We had planned on stopping and climbing around Summit Rock but the area was closed. We continued along the ridge a few miles to Indian Rock. Once at Indian Rock we had lunch. After lunch, a snowball fight ensued.

Snowball Fight

A nice eroded sandstone boulder provided a backdrop for a group photo.

Group Photo 1

We descended a ways into Sanborn Park on the return leg of our hike. We discovered lilies providing shelter for numerous Ladybugs.


It was a nice steep climb backup to the ridge. Almost back to the trailhead we stopped for one more group photo.

2009/03/10 09:48 · Joe Huber

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